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If you need a reliable plumber in London you are in the right place.


we also make the plumbing clearing up


Many years of experience in repairs and assembly of boilers

Heating Installations

 projects, valuation and assembly of central heating installations


The company is made only of experienced and honest people (plumbers and builders) - our priority is safety and reliability.

I invite you to read the offer, our certificates and realizations and I encourage you to use the services of my company.

Comprehensive plumbing services:
- we remove minor hydraulic failures
- we offer a white assembly
- we perform periodic inspections of the installation
- we make the sewage system clearing
- we have gas licenses.
- we offer: leak testing of gas installations, periodic inspections, assembly of gas installations.
- projects, valuation and assembly of central heating installations
- underfloor heating in various systems available on the market
- we also offer installation of modern heating installations, such as heat pumps.

For regular customers, if necessary, we are available at any time of the day or night.

We are happy to establish cooperation with housing estates, companies and office buildings. We successfully operate this type of unit.

About us

Emergency Plumber Battersea offers professional plumbing services in and around London. We have been dealing with installation for many years, we have extensive experience and qualifications necessary to practice the profession. We undertake typical hydraulic services such as the removal of hydraulic breakdowns and larger works such as comprehensive assembly of installations in newly built houses.


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